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Economic fitness: concepts, methods and applications

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Key works and hot topics:

ECONOMIC FITNESS AND COMPLEXITY WORKSHOP @ CCS2018: The Economic FItness group chairs a dedicated workshop at the annual conference for complex systems

ECONOMIC FITNESS @ NATURE PHYSICS: A dynamical systems approach to gross domestic product forecasting

ECONOMIC FITNESS @ WORLD BANK: Economic Fitness is now part of the World Bank Data Catalog

Institutional Agreement: Un accordo tra Sapienza e Cnel per i fenomeni emergenti in economia

ECONOMIC FITNESS WORKSHOP @ IFC: On September 14th, 2017, the EF grop held a full-day workshop at the IFC headquarters in Washington, DC

The Economic Fitness Method: Abstract, World Bank Statement

Economic Fitness Interactive Plots: Fitness-GDP Plane, Fitness of Industrial Sectors

Country Rankings: Fitness Rankings Bibliography, Fitness Rankings Interactive Plot

Towards a new Institute on Economic Complexity with international support (INET)

Media Coverage, Books and Presentations:

Let the Expert talk: Luciano Pietronero & others explain Economic Fitness successes

Marginal Revolution: Applying Physics to GDP Forecasting

JRC science lecture: Economic Fitness and Complexity

Bloomberg: A Better Way to Make Economic Forecasts

Aspenia: L’algoritmo per le previsioni macroeconomiche: una conversazione con Luciano Pietronero

Aspenia: Big data and economic complexity: opportunity and myth

Complex Systems and Fractals: Introduction to Complexity, Fractals and Mandelbrot

Repubblica: Di Maio a caccia di VIP

Presentation: Economic Complexity Talks @ OECD (Sept. 2016)

Book: Complessità e altre storie

Book: Economic Complexity: Measuring the Intangibles

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