Organizing activity and Projects

Director of the PIL group of the Physics Department, University of Roma, La Sapienza.

The PIL group consists of scientists supported from various institutions: University; INFM; CNR; Fermi Center; European and national contracts. In total there are about 30 scientists of which: 3 permanent; 3 tenure track; 13 with contracts of various types from 2 to 5 years; 5 Ph D students and a variable number of undergraduate thesis students.

Present Research Projects:

  • Progetto di interesse MIUR-CNR (2012-2015): CrisisLab. Collaboration between ISC-CNR and IMT-Lucca. General Coordinator: Luciano Pietronero. Total Budget: 7M€
  • European Project (FP7-ICT-2013-10) GrowthCom. General Coordinator: Luciano Pietronero. Total Budget: 1.5M€
  • Various other smaller projects both national and european.

Among the previous projects we have coordinated the EEC Network:

  • Fractal Structures and Selforganization (1997-2003) which included 11 Teams from 8 countries and it has been probably the largest European network in the field of statistical Physics.

Past Research Projects

Main present areas present of activity:

  • Economic Complexity
  • Solid state and Condensed Matter Theory
  • Theory of High Tc superconductivity and related problems
  • Statistical physics, fractal growth and self-organized criticality; Complex structures
  • Interdisciplinary applications of statistical Physics, in Astrophysics, Seismology, Networks and Biophysical problems

Research Topics